Mix: Borderless Grooves W/ Zar 09.11.21

Zar (Arun) is a drummer, DJ and producer based in west London. This vinyl mix sees Zar picking out the truly borderless tracks in his collection that convey spirit and musicality unbound by anything in particular, whilst retaining a sense of hooky grooves throughout the mix. Deep spiritual Brazilian cuts meet African funk, Japanese Jazz and Electronic ambient. Borderless in nature and style, each track contains elements of music from countries other than the one of its origin. Global and unified.   
Zar is a member of the Daytimers collective which champions South Asian artistry. He closed the Kite Bar at Brainchild Festival this year alongside DJ’s Mera Bhai, Rohan Rakhit and Vindya, performed on the Daytimers fundraiser for protesting farmers in India, and plays drums for post hardcore/noise rock band Muscle Vest.
Alongside this Zar has been busy producing for the BBC, HBO Max and is putting the finishing touches on his debut EP. You can find him on instagram @ajdzar

0.00: Sêquecê / Ouiumba Ouiumba É De Mê – Edinho Marundelê (Edson Emetério de Sant’Anna)

3.04: Ereum Malê / Yêyê Ô / Yada Baô – Edinho Maurendelê (Edson Emetério de Sant’Anna)

4.50: Sylvia – Arthur Verocai

7.45: Teru-Teru Bozu (Black Keys) – Teru Sakamoto Trio

14.02: Bloom – Yazz Ahmed19.04: Aborigine – Motohike Hamase

23.23: Where Pathways Meet – Sun Ra

29.23: Samha – The Scorpios

32.17: Bombay Palace (Part 1) – Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud & The Indo Jazz Following

36.20: Last Tango in Paris – Trio Ternura

39.27: Camisa 10 Da Gávea – Jorge Ben

43.18: Paulina – Black Santiago

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