Mix: Borderless Grooves W/ Sonido Tropical: Latin Therapy – 14.10.21

In perpetual search for new sounds, I’ve been collecting records from around the world since 2013. If a sound calls out to me, I dig and I immerse myself, whatever the period or the continent it is from. What interests me is the mix of cultures, between traditional music and urban popular music, between neighboring regions, continents, fusions of the past and emerging scenes. I want to share a part of the richness of the world. This is what I try to do in my monthly radio show, Sonido Tropical, on A Certain Radio. This mix is a heart warming hymn. No matter where we come from, we all need Latin Therapy.

Lluvia con Nieve – Mon Rivera
Rumbón Melon – Joey Pastrana
Safari – Tita Duval
Ray M’bele – Orchestra Baobab
Picoteando por Ahí – Henry Fiol
Oiga Senor – Enrique Lynch y su Conjunto
El Nuevo Combo – Guarafeo
Catalina La O – Pete El Conde Rodríguez
Pa’ Bravo Yo – Justo Betancourt
Descarga Super Combo – Super Combo
Merecumbe – Johnny Colón

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