Mix: Borderless Grooves W/ Sabai Sabai – 22.10.21

Sabai Sabai Radio is Juice Willis and Maarten G Goetheer

Dubbed the Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor of Bangkok, the two have single handedly raised the entire Bangkok DJ scene to the level of an amateur limbo enthusiasts. 

Since refashioning Maarten’s fifth story lounge into a fifth story lounge slash radio station in 2015, the duo have eulogised countless bottles of Hong Thong with DJ’s from around the 3D circle. 

Today they find themselves exactly where they started; laying down the baddest cuts on and off the grill, whilst enjoying the resplendency of community aerobics in the soi’s below. 

Despite their music ambiguity, some have described their sound as the musical equivalent of bacon. A vibrating booty repository. Or the holy matrimony of harmony. What that means, not even we know. But it sure sounds good.
Sabai Sabai Youtube

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