Mix: Borderless Grooves W/ Naomii

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded a guest mix!! This one is a compilation of some of the tracks I’ve enjoyed playing out this year. Latin American Denbow, Dancehall & Baile Funk heavy! Hope you enjoy and many thanks Borderless Grooves for the invite!

Naomii is a Leeds born, Cumbria based DJ, artist and events organiser. As a DJ and on the dancefloor she is instinctively drawn towards music and forms that are rooted in the rich tapestry of cultures originating in Africa and Latin America. She encourages you to connect and move with a heavy and fun blend of denbow, dancehall, cumbia, baile funk, kuduro, Afro-Latin house and maybe even the odd salsa if she thinks you’re up to it!

1.Quase Nos Esquecemos feat. Edgar – DJ Dolores
2.Sweet (feat. Raspapulaman). – Sunka
3.Bumbum Que Bate-Bate (feat. Mc Pocahontas) – MC Lais
4.Mermela – J-King y Maximan, Reykon, Dayme y El High
5.Vengo y Voy – Afro Legends
6.Uno2Tres – Los Rakas x Stylo live x Happy Colors.
7.Serenata – Nino Augustine
8.Para Bailar, Alika y Nueva Alianza Remix – El Hijo de la Cumbia
9.Criminal (feat. Mambe Rodriguez) – Zeb – The Spy From Cairo
10.Kamikaze – Niña Dioz, Rebeca Lane
11.Bubble & Bunx – DeeWunn
12.Delight #5 – Amor Satyr
13.Baila – Haraca Kiko, Gaby Rang & Rodrigo Rodríguez
14.Tranquilo (ft. Kat Dahlia & Demarco) – Twin Palms
15.El Experimento Macgyver – Jc La Nevula, and La Manta
16.Balam Pichkari – Ahadadream
17.Pica – Lazuli (King Doudou Remix)
18.Yo Quiero Beber – WOST + Young Ash
19.Mi Cuerpo – Pearson Sound X Clara!
20.Dembow Tronico – Greg & King Doudou
21.Boasty – Ynfynyt Scroll
22.Desacota Escolar – Tokischa (Guari Afro House Remix)
23.Bumbum Batendo Palma – MC Alem
24.Com BumBum Ela Bate – Biel Do Furduncinho X Eva (M3B8 Touch)
25.Reggaeton Sex – Siu Mata & Amor Satyr
26.Batusalsa – Alfredo de la fe

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